Christopher white - director and principal consultant

Providing consultancy services at the highest levels requires the right mix of experience, skills and knowledge -backed by relevant, contemporary academic qualifications. To see my full background at my linkedin page click here


As Principal Scientific Officer and Special Inspector of Mines at WA's Department of Mines and Petroleum, I was responsible for developing the current risk based approach to occupational health and hygiene matter in the WA mining sector.  

My work at DMP and WorkSafe included conducting investigations into fatal and serious incidents. With that background, I can provide your organisation with lead investigative services as directed by your legal counsel ensuring you have the highest level of protection under legal professional privelege.

I am fortunate to be one of a few professionals in Australia having advanced knowledge of fibrous minerals managment in mining operations - an issue that is of increasing relevance in the Hamersley Province. In my most recent role as Compliance and Occupational Hygiene Manager at a large iron ore operation, my research into fibrous minerals produced significant reduction in risk and liability. 


I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Health majoring in Occupational Safety and Health; a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Hygiene (Deakin) and a Master's Degree in Occupational and Environemental Health (Monash). I am currently studying a Masters degree in Ergonomics/Human Factors (Derby University)

My backround has a practical basis - I served my time in the merchany navy, worked as a mechanical fitter, heavy haulage transport operator, crane driver, TAFE welding and fabrication lecturer and hold the appropriate qualfications and WorkSafe licenses...  


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Suezanne Chapple: company secretary and Senior Administrator

Need site coordination and shut down planning services? Sue's experience includes the mining, offshore oil and gas, refinerys, and heavy mainenance sectors, with roles as site coordinator, planners assistant, shutdown coordinator and office manager, to name a few!

Sues organisational skills are second to none - allowing work to be carried out unecumbered by administrative matters.